Never Ask A Photographer "Why"

May 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Good Afternoon All,

When I was attending Hallmark Institute of Photography, I had the honor and privilege of having Gregory Heisler as an instructor.  He has photographed celebrities, athletes, and world leaders, some of which can be seen in his book, GREGORY HEISLER 50 PORTRAITS. Please check out this article

from Canon.

 If you have any interest in photography, this is a book worth investing in.  

During school, Greg would hold lectures and present a particular lighting concept.  His lighting demonstrations opened our minds to dramatic lighting techniques that none of us would have thought to try.  He showed us, through video, lecture, and sharing lighting techniques, of how he photographed famous people over his career.  His lectures left me wanting more.  He is a master.

One of our lighting sessions involved the use of every day florescent lighting fixtures and ceiling grids from Home Depot.  Huh?  We were a bit skeptical at first, that is, until he turned out the lights.  I was working with Olivia, one of my classmates that day.  We were taking a break, and she turned around to look at me:  "DON'T MOVE"  I said.  She didn't and she didn't ask "Why".  I saw what she couldn't, but she trusted me. The following photograph is one of my favorites from that session. (Don't leave yet.  Keep scrolling)  


During another break, I was watching Greg work with the other students.  I was sitting on a stool with the florescent light fixture in my lap. Greg turned around and asked me if he could take a photo of me.  Was he kidding?  Greg wanted to take a picture of me?  Hell yes.  He told me not to move, and I didn't ask "Why".

Again, he saw what I couldn't.  These are a couple of the shots that he took of me that day.


A bit monsterish you ask?  Yep, and I love them.  I think they're pretty cool.  

The whole point I am trying to get across is this.  If you are in front a photographer, and they say don't move, or move a certain way.  It may feel weird or uncomfortable to you, but trust them.  Don't ask "Why".  They can see what you cannot.  You may not like the effect, but if the attempt is not made, you may miss a memorable moment.





Bill Lowery(non-registered)
Wonderful shots, all of them.
Vicki Tracy(non-registered)
I love the results of the photos from both of these examples. It really is an important think to have the photographer's subject trust the artist at work. Thanks Charles!
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