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Good Afternoon All,

I belong to a small photography group at the "Mount Dora Center for The Arts" in Mount Dora Florida.  At first, I joined this group to meet new people in the area that shared my interests.  Now, I find myself beginning to draw inspiration from them.  As I get more involved with this group, they ask me, from time to time,  to speak on a particular subject.  So tonight I will be speaking a bit on the process of Infrared Photography.

At the last meeting, we had gotten into the subject of infrared photography.  In the days of film, I became a bit obsessed with black and white Infrared Photography.  I enjoyed the anticipation of not knowing exactly what I was going to get as a finished print, but I was always enthralled by the effect it produced,  not only in landscapes but with people too.

While doing some research on-line for tonight, I came across this article in  After reading this, I could not have explained it any better.  It has also inspired me to get back to some basic photography that I have seemed to ignore with the age of instant gratification.  I am going to buy the IR filter when I finish this blog.  I'm very interested what this filter will produce on a DSLR.  

I also took down my old film filters and decided that I was going to start using these in my work.  I have always been a big advocate of getting the shot in-camera.  Not only does it slow you down and makes you think, it will also produce images that will need very little processing.

In the article mentioned above, someone made a comment as to how long it took to take a digital infrared picture. (2-3 second exposure).  He wanted to know if there was a quicker way to do this.  REALLY??  He must be 20 yrs old.


Yes, it may take a few precious seconds for what would most likely become an awesome print.   Take some time, slow down, and enjoy what your doing.  

Then you can go home and enjoy that microwaved pizza.  


Thanks for reading and have a great day.





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